Valentine’s day. It’s a day that some of us love and then some of us love to hate lol Then there are some of us who’s Valentine just happen to have 4 legged and super, sloppy kisses. This year, I teamed up with the Dog Bar in St Petersburg to offer Valentine’s Day mini sessions […]

Dog Bar Valentines Photos – St Pete Pets

No more dogs! I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard that from my husband. Until March 2021 rolled around and this face came rolling though my Facebook newsfeed Little miss no name puppy. My husband and I were sitting on the back porch, I looked at that little face and asked him if […]

Happy Birthday Tilly!

I waited until after Christmas to share these because I know a lot of them were being used for holiday cards and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone 🙂 It’s been a blast having all these dogs in the studio over the last month or so capturing their head tilts, smiles and […]

St Petersburg Holiday Pet Portraits

I’ve known Steve & Marissa for a few years now. Otto, their black and white pit bull is probably one of my husband’s favorite dogs. We won’t tell Tilly that 😉 When Marissa said they were redecorating the house and wanted photos of the dogs, I told her let’s do it. Steve contacted me about […]

Love Dogs | St Petersburg Pet Photographer

“They’re all a little crazy in their own ways so this session should be interesting”. That’s what Kelly told me when she booked her pet session. Challenge accepted. I’ve known Kelly a few years now. She rescued Loki, then her and Sandra who had her two and then together they brought in Sir Sal, the […]

Four Dogs & a Sunset | Tarpon Springs Pet Session

You brought that puppy home when they were just 8 weeks old. You’ve watched them grow up, their personalities come out, the bond created with you and/or family members and now the time has flown by and their turning ONE! Just like with human kids, you treat your dog like one of the family so […]

Chandler | St Petersburg Pet Photography

I met Julie at the Dog Bar in St Pete a few years back. At that time, she had Cerby. He was the most gentle old man that would sit right at her feet at the end of the bar. He was a little too old for the romping in the yard but she would […]

Kyla | St Petersburg Pet Photographer

Pet sessions in the studio never go as planned. I think I mentioned that in the Saint Bernard post a while back. Dogs are kind of like having newborns in the studio, we go on their flow and Libby was no exception lol She wanted nothing, nadda, zero to do with being in front of […]

Libby – St Petersburg Pet Session

Yep…you read that right lol Any thoughts about how this session went in your head is probably absolutely correct. Roman is Michelle’s Saint Bernard. He’s seriously one of the best dogs (and I love my dogs). He’s got such a loving personality, any puppy or raccoon that comes into Michelle’s house is now Roman’s baby. […]

3 Saints and a Raccoon Walk Into the Studio…

Over the weekend, I had 2 seriously cute visitors in the studio. Meet Nova and Luca. I’ve known Nova for about 6-8 months. Her parents bring her to the Dog Bar in St Pete and our dogs play together. She’s also good friends with who we adopted our girl Peyton from 9 years ago. Ashely […]

Nova & Luca – St Pete Pet Session