3 Saints and a Raccoon Walk Into the Studio…

Yep…you read that right lol Any thoughts about how this session went in your head is probably absolutely correct.

Roman is Michelle’s Saint Bernard. He’s seriously one of the best dogs (and I love my dogs). He’s got such a loving personality, any puppy or raccoon that comes into Michelle’s house is now Roman’s baby. He’s definitely a mama’s boy.

But as you can imagine, three Saint Bernard’s in the studio is no easy task. Everything literally does not go as planned as you can see.

Every once in a while it does

Even though I love Roman to death, it was more about Milo & Otis. They are looking for their forever homes so we wanted to get some photos of them so we could get them out there. They are brothers but would do better separated.

Milo: He’s a gentle soul. Once he figures out you’re his person, all bets are off and he will be your velcro dog until the end. He is your Lifetime movie dog, your cuddle on the couch eating popcorn dog and the one that will make sure you’re okay with every ounce of his being.

Then there’s Otis. Ohhhh Otis. He’s a strong boy at about 150lbs. He’s got a personality of a lion. He’s ready to take on anyone and anything. Don’t get me wrong, he’s also a lover at heart but he’s got a strong personality. He’s probably do better being an only dog because he loves to be the alpha.

Each one of these guys needs someone that is large breed familiar. If you’re familiar with Saint Bernard’s, even better. They are wired a bit differently so they need to go to a home that will understand them.

Now the one you’ve probably been waiting for…the raccoon. Meet Peep. She was abandoned by mom (maybe mom died, we aren’t sure) but she was found inside a grill at a BBQ place. She’s about 3-4 weeks old and seriously the cutest thing ever. Michelle will rehabilitate her and she will be released when she’s old enough to live out her best trash panda life in the wild.

But not before I got to snatch her up and treat her like a newborn session <3

Remember when I said that Roman loves his babies? Yep… <3





3 Saints and a Raccoon Walk Into the Studio…

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