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I met Julie at the Dog Bar in St Pete a few years back. At that time, she had Cerby. He was the most gentle old man that would sit right at her feet at the end of the bar. He was a little too old for the romping in the yard but she would bring him through on slow days so he could socialize and then back to the bar he went. In June, Cerby passed away and it left a huge hole in Julie’s heart.

In August, Julie decided it was time to adopt another dog. It was quiet in the house and in came Kyla. She headed to Friends of Strays in St Pete and saw Kyla. The ears, the eyes and most of all, the perfectly sweet demeanor. Last night I headed over to Julie’s for Kyla first photo session. Julie said that every time she tried to get a photo of Kyla, she’d get a goofy look (which that isn’t always a bad thing) or it just didn’t show her personality.

Soon as I walked in the door, Kyla greeted me with so many kisses. One thing I noticed is that she didn’t bark at me as I walked up the sidewalk. Is this real? Dogs that don’t bark at strangers? She needs to give my dogs some “training tips” on how not to bark lol

We headed out into the front yard for Kyla’s photo session so I could get her in a comfortable spot. She started zoomies, playing in the bushes and just being herself. Having your pet comfortable for their photo session is the most important thing.

She was so fun to just watch and hang out with. Happy tails Kyla and I know you have found the perfect home with Julie!

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Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed creating them.
I am a St Petersburg pet portrait photographer technically located in Pinellas Park. My studio located in Pinellas Park is ideal for pets that get a little distracted with on location sessions but also love capturing them outside. I also offer on location photo sessions in St. Pete, Clearwater and surrounding areas.

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Kyla | St Petersburg Pet Photographer

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