Happy Birthday Tilly!

No more dogs!

I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard that from my husband. Until March 2021 rolled around and this face came rolling though my Facebook newsfeed

Little miss no name puppy. My husband and I were sitting on the back porch, I looked at that little face and asked him if we could foster again. He took one look at the photos and said “that one” and pointed to this little black and white spotted puppy with the floppy ears.

I messaged Alexandra, who is the founder of PIBA Foundation, who pulled the puppies plus mom and dad. She had known for a while that I wanted to foster again but damn husband was holding me back lol We set the wheels in motion and set up a time to meet her. We brought her home at 6 weeks since we were fostering…not adopting her! I was very adamant about that since we already had 3 at home.

Well, little did I know that little 10 pound puppy was going to steal my husbands heart and she wasn’t going anywhere. People would inquire about her, he’d make comments about how they weren’t the right fit, we’d take her to adoption events, leave her there and he’d worry about her the whole time we were gone or say 100 times how we need to go back and get her.

She’s become the perfect fit to our family, my husbands unofficial support dog and is the bestest big sister to our other puppy Chandler (who we also adopted from PIBA).

Of course, us being us…she had to have her own birthday session.

Bandana from Fetching Barkdanas





Happy Birthday Tilly!

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