Jess & Christa | St Augustine Proposal

Back in the beginning of December, I get a text from mine good friend Kole. Basically it was “surprise proposal in St Augustine who’s a good friend…you available and you down for it?” My answer was yes and yes. He put me in touch with Jess and the plans began.

Jess & Christa has a wedding to attend the Friday night before so Saturday was going to be her day to shine. Over the next month and a half, we discussed times, where and how it would all go down. Understandably so, Jess was nervous. Do I blame her? Not one bit. It’s not every day that you propose to the love of your life.

The big day.

On Saturday, we headed to St Augustine, while I kept in touch with Jess on the way up there. We planned to meet in the courtyard of Flagler College because Christa isn’t one to have a lot of attention on her. Anywhere else that we would of done it around St Augustine, there would of been plenty of eyes on her.

I got there and scoped things out a bit, text Jess and it was go time. They were finishing up drinks and headed to the college.

Thank heavens there’s only one entrance into the courtyard so it was easy enough to see them when they walked in. Not sure if Jess saw me when they walked in but she knew that I was there and it was time to put on my stalker boots.

Jess and Christa headed towards the right of the fountain and I was right behind them…but at a good distance.

They stopped for selfies and I seriously don’t know how Christa didn’t notice me.

Then it was time. Jess gave me a very subtle thumbs up and I knew what that meant. I started giggling a bit because it was like Jess knew which way they needed to be because of where I was standing but Christa kept moving the opposite way.

Once Jess had her where she wanted…down on one knee she went!

Deep breath! That’s exactly what Jess did. Even though you know the answer or at least 99.9% sure of the answer, there’s always that .1% that makes you so nervous. Plus it’s a proposal…so it’s a bit nerve wracking.

Just like all my proposals, once the big questions is popped, we have a yes, it’s time for couples time. We got a few portraits in the courtyard and then headed towards the Bridge of Lions. Jess’s last name is King, she lives outside of Charlotte so getting their photo at the corner of King St and Charlotte Ave was quite appropriate.

Congrats to Jess & Christa! Here’s to many years of happiness!

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Jess & Christa | St Augustine Proposal

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