While it’s been a while since I shot a newborn, it was so nice to have this little squish in front of my camera. Having the studio and dedicated space makes it so much nicer too. You come in, hang out on the couch, watch TV if you’d like and I take care of the […]

Kinsley | St. Pete Newborn Photographer

Pet sessions in the studio never go as planned. I think I mentioned that in the Saint Bernard post a while back. Dogs are kind of like having newborns in the studio, we go on their flow and Libby was no exception lol She wanted nothing, nadda, zero to do with being in front of […]

Libby – St Petersburg Pet Session

When I started shooting 984356 photographer years ago, that’s 12 years in real time, throughout the years the biggest problem I had was finding an affordable studio space to rent. Not all sessions want to be outside. Being able to set a time/date for a session and not have to worry about weather, which is […]

The Studio is Now Available for Rent!

Yep…you read that right lol Any thoughts about how this session went in your head is probably absolutely correct. Roman is Michelle’s Saint Bernard. He’s seriously one of the best dogs (and I love my dogs). He’s got such a loving personality, any puppy or raccoon that comes into Michelle’s house is now Roman’s baby. […]

3 Saints and a Raccoon Walk Into the Studio…

Over the weekend, I had 2 seriously cute visitors in the studio. Meet Nova and Luca. I’ve known Nova for about 6-8 months. Her parents bring her to the Dog Bar in St Pete and our dogs play together. She’s also good friends with who we adopted our girl Peyton from 9 years ago. Ashely […]

Nova & Luca – St Pete Pet Session

If you know, you know but if you don’t, here you go 😉 In the end of 2019, I decided to “retire” from shooting weddings. My son plays hockey, I was missing games, tournaments, etc and didn’t want that to happen anymore. Well, in the beginning of 2021, I decided that it was time to […]

Heather & Woody – St Pete Engagement Session