Heather & Woody | Bilmar Beach Resort Wedding

I’m going to preface this post with the fact that Heather wanted more candids then she did posed photos. Heather is not one for posed photos so I made sure she gave me at least 15 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

The girls had one of the penthouse suites at the Bilmar Beach Resort. When you have 5-6+ girls/mom getting ready, room to spread out is everything and they had it! One thing they also had was a view to watch the rains come in ๐Ÿ™ It was down to the wire on whether or not the ceremony was going to be on the beach and the staff at the Bilmar was pushing for that to happen but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans.

Heather was a great sport about it, rolled with it and their day still ended up being perfect! Huge thanks to all the vendors involved in Heather & Woody’s day! Couldn’t of made it without all of them!

Ceremony/Reception: Bilmar Beach Resort
Dress: The Perfect Dress – Sarasota
Videography: Sarah Burke
DJ: DJ L MO (LaMonte)
Cake: Nothing Bundt Cake St Petersburg

Heather & Woody exchanged gifts. Heather got Woody good ๐Ÿ™‚ His parents are no longer with us so she found a photo and a pendant for him to wear with his boutonniere.

Woody had a little surprise for Heather at their first look. Up until the wedding day, Woody’s beard was a bit longer. Heather kept making “suggestions” for him to cut it for the wedding and he lovingly, kept telling her no.

Well he did it and her reaction is priceless!

Woody’s son walked Heather down the aisle, Woody’s reaction to seeing Heather (even after the first look!) and Woody’s daughter during the ceremony.

My heart!!

Heather was wearing her grandma’s opal ring and wanted to do a butterfly release in honor of her grandma. When they all released the first bunch, they all flew off. Then came the second bunch. One butterfly didn’t want to leave, landed on Woody and that was all it took for Heather to cry at her own wedding.

LaMonte (DJ LMO) made Heather & Woody’s wish come true when it came to the reception. Heather said “I just want to dance!” and dance she did! There wasn’t a time where there was no one on the dance floor. If I didn’t see Heather on the dance floor, it was because she was filling up her drink!

After their first look, we got about 10 minutes of formals time and after everyone ate, about another 10 minutes. Rain sucks but we made the best of it and Heather was done after about 5 minutes. I asked her about 12 times…”you do know what you’re telling me, no more formals, right?” and I only did this becuase I didn’t want her upset later down the road that they didn’t get any or a lot of formals. She responded with “I just want to dance!!”

So being the mom that I am, I compromised and told her to give me 5 minutes and she could go dance. Rain, umbrella and a new husband and wife…equals a great rain shot! Thanks Heather for my 5 minutes lol

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Heather & Woody | Bilmar Beach Resort Wedding

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